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For A Deep Rooted Faith, On The Go...

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The Guarantee

Each and every audio book will help you deepen your faith and worship Christ, or I’ll refund you 110%.

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Ever felt like there are just too many books, and not enough time? Augustine’s “City of God” clocks in at around 300 pages…Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion” is over 1,000….Charnock’s “Existence and Attributes of God” is a whoppingly dense 500…not to mention all the modern books by RC Sproul, John MacArthur, John Piper, and DA Carson. Feel like you’re falling behind sometimes?

Got a shelf of books you WANT to read, but also got a house full of kids, dinner to prepare, a boss to impress, or homework to complete?

Do you have a list (the length of your arm) of amazing theological truths you want to study, and feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to master them?

I don’t blame you for feeling like you’re falling behind. A lot of Christians just use podcasts or blog posts as short cuts, trying to cram “The Institutes” into a bullet point list because they don’t have time to read. Or they feel guilty because book “purists” look down on them if they’re not spending four hours a day reading. But we’re not all pastors who get paid to read and study theological truths.

I get it!

That’s why I create audio books from classic Christian texts. I want to get these deep biblical books – read by Christian narrators – into the hands of Christians who just want to grow in “the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Peter) ANY WAY THEY CAN. These books have enriched and deepened the faith of countless Christians just like me and you for thousands of years. 

These audio books will let you learn about and worship God even when you’re cleaning the dishes, driving the car, mowing the lawn, or walking for exercise.

Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Glorifying God and serving him forever, HOWEVER and WHEREVER we can….

So don’t let “lack of time” keep you away from these books. Don’t let reading “purists” look down on you, like you’re not “reading”.


PLUS: with our Quick Start study guides for each book (specially tailored for an audio book audience), you never have to wonder if you’ve gotten the most out of each book!


Since my main goal is to help you find books to grow and deepen your faith, if you buy an audio book and find that you DON’T end up worshiping God…I’ll refund you 110%.

I am completely sure you won’t waste your time with any of these books –

BUT if you feel like you ARE wasting your time, I want to pitch in to help you find a book that WILL help you. So I offer a 110% refund (that’s how confident I am in these books)…

 SO…if you’re just a regular Christian who’s looking for a simple way to worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit –

Click the button down below to get your first audio book….

And start listening on your next drive into work, or your next regularly scheduled dish washing session!

"I'm a big fan of audio books, but sometimes on other sites you can tell that the narrator isn't familiar with the terms or concepts being used, which really takes away from the experience. Jordan's narration doesn't fall into that category. His voice is great to listen to and he clearly has a strong understanding of the content he's reading..."
Josh Ford
Reformed Pub Admin


Let me introduce myself then!

My name is Jordan Riggle and I’m a 1689 Reformed Baptist – and I’m also an audio book narrator. I’m the dude in the photo up above with that glorious beard…

If you’re a Christian like me, you know that EVERY DAY the goal is to have a God-worshiping heart from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep!

 I want to tell you about the best way I’ve found to worship God throughout my day, besides reading Scripture!

It’s nothing new, or super secret, or crazy difficult…

It’s just reading books, studying theology, and letting my heart be led to worship Christ by what old, faithful, wise saints have written down. Maybe you do that too (or want to)! 

But I also work, have a wife and three kids, and like watching The Office.

Maybe you can relate???

So what are you suppose to do when you want to grow deeper “in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18) but just don’t have the time or the theological nerdiness to read a long book? 


How are we supposed to fit reading hours worth of reading into our already over-crowded schedules? How can we balance growing in the knowledge of Christ with our practical day-to-day responsibilities?  

Weirdly enough, I found the answer as I was just doing my regular Scripture reading throughout the day!

 I was intensely studying a single book of the Bible at a time…taking notes, studying commentaries, and spending months in a single book.


But I was missing the whole scope and breadth of Scripture, since I was spending so much time lasering in on individual books. 


So I started studying the individual books in the morning, and then reading 3 chapters real quickly at lunch, and then 3 chapters right before going to bed at night. 


I needed to study closely, AND get a bird’s eye view of the whole. And to let both ways lead me to worship God.  


And I’ve started using the same technique with my theology reading! 

I always have at least one print book going – usually something old, musty and thick, like Charnock or The Institutes or one of the Puritans. 

 I mark these up, and really take the time to delve into them deeply. Like CS Lewis wrote in his Introduction to The Incarnation, “Sometimes the heart sings when working your way through a tough bit of theology with a pipe in your teeth and a pencil in your hand.”

But I also use audio books to quickly get my heart worshiping when I don’t have an hour or so to sit down and delve deep…. 


…like when I’m washing dishes, or driving my car, or mowing the lawn, or working out…


And I wanted to create something to help all the amazing Christians like you who want to worship Christ, want to grow, and want to worship by learning – but have a hard time finding the time!


So I recorded on audio book one of the greatest books in Christian history – “On The Incarnation” written by Athanasius. Listening to this book will lead you to worship the Son of God who came down and took on human flesh, all to rescue your death filled soul. It is one of the most beautiful, foundational, profound, and yet easy to understand books in the entire Christian tradition. 


Then I sent the recording to some people…


They really liked it!!

These are some of the things they said about it…


"Between long work commutes and washing dishes, now I can listen to books that have been on my 'to-read' list but I just never got around to reading. Jordan has a great voice and is a super clear reader!"
Carissa Payeur
"As a busy man who loves to dig into good books it's wonderful to have access to audiobooks. Jordan presents an accessible and professional audio experience of solid theological works. I want more!"
Daniel Shepherd
Truck Driver/ Reformed Pub Admin
"I loved it. Jordan is extremely articulate, and his tone and intonation were both really accessible and engaging. It was easier than usual for me to follow along. I can't wait to hear more from him!"
Brandon Morrison

 Now, these audio books ARE NOT for you if you are in seminary and need to write a detailed paper on the theological views of one of these authors. These audio books ARE NOT for you if you are a print book snob. (If you are a snob, don’t come after me though – I love print books – I own over 2,500 of them). These audio books ARE NOT for you if you have a hard time concentrating to podcasts, lectures, or YouTube. 




  • If you’re an ordinary busy Christian with a commute and dishes in the sink…
  • If you’re wanting to worship God and grow in the knowledge of him through some of the deepest Christian thinkers throughout history….
  • If you just want to be led to worship God…


 On Amazon, these exact same audio books go for $14.99…or more. 


But I want to get incredible books like this into as many Christian hands as I possibly can, so you can download or stream them here for only $4.99 each!


You’d pay more for a single double-shot, low-fat, extra foam latte at Starbucks!


And like I said above…


My main goal is to help you worship the God we both know and love, so if you listen to one of these books, and you DON’T find yourself worshiping God….I’ll refund you 110%. You’ll have a whole year to decide if you want to keep it or not!


I am completely confident you won’t waste your time listening to these authors – 


BUT if you feel like you ARE wasting your time, I want to pitch in to help you buy a book that WILL help you. So I offer a refund of 110% (that’s how confident I am that these books will lead you to worship Jesus)…

So if you’re just a regular Christian looking for a regular way to worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – then this audio book was created for you! 

 Click the button down below to get your first audio book and start listening (and worshiping) on your next commute into work or during your next regularly scheduled dish washing session!




When you DO listen I would love to hear from you!

Friend me on Facebook, or send me an email at jordans.riggle [at] gmail [dot] com (hopefully that form keeps the spam bots at bay!) or shoot me a text about what you’re thinking at 937  554 6498! I love talking theology with anyone and everyone!

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